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Online Registration

This will be our third year of using the RAMP Interactive Online Registration System.  If you require a username and password please contact Mike Ramage.

NOTE: If you choose not to use the online registration system there will be an additional $2 / member administration fee.

Membership Fees

The membership fees have been raised for the 2012 season.  Rally Cap (players born in 2004 & later) will pay $15/member and all other players/coaches/managers/etc. will pay $20/member.

Rally Cap Replacing “Rookie” Division

Rally Cap will now be the term used for players born in 2004 or later.  Please click on the Rally Cap link to learn more about the great Grassroots Development Program.

Mosquito Rule Changes

Bunting will no longer be allowed in Mosquito.  As bunting does not encourage player development at this age level we will test this out in 2012.

Also, in Mosquito AA Tier II, A and A2, baserunners may only score on a play initiated by contact or force play.

Bantam Rule Change

Bantam AA Zone and Provincial Playoffs will now be a wood bat format.

Senior Rule Changes

Senior teams in AA centres based on population (Regina & Saskatoon) may only register in AA or AAA Provincials.

Also, the Senior Team Performance Bond required when registering in Provincials has been increased from $100 to $500.  We are hoping that this prevents teams from not fulfilling their obligations in all zone and provincial playoffs.

Medical Substitutions will now be allowed in all Senior categories for Zone and Provincial Playoffs.


Please note that in the minor divisions, a players residency must be set by January 1 of the current calendar year. (No longer June 1)

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