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2024 Baseball Sask Umpire Certification

Please note that there has been changes to our certification process for 2024 please review these details in full. 

How to Get Started: (Become an Umpire)

1. Register with Baseball Sask RAMP Program

2. Complete Online Learning Courses

  •    Register via RAMP under the “Camps and Clinics” tab for an Online Umpire Learning Course, consisting of independent modules.  Follow the: Clinic Registration Guide
  •    This site is where you access your online learning consisting of independent modules.
  •    Be sure to select Saskatchewan as your region when you complete the registration process
  •    Work through the modules at your own pace, with an estimated completion time of 2 hours.
  •    ONDeck also has a Mobile App
  •    Attend a local Umpire camp in your area to qualify to work provincial tournaments.  A list of upcoming Umpire camps can be found here:  Baseball Sask » Umpire Clinics

3. Contact Local Umpire-in-Chief/Assignor

  •    Reach out to the local umpire-in-chief/assignor for your area.
  •    If unsure, contact information can be found on the Baseball Sask website here: Baseball Sask » Umpire Resources & Contacts. Reach out to your zone director for assistance.

Training Overview

Online Umpire Learning Course

  • Independent learning modules.
  •   Self-paced with an expected completion time of 2 hours.

Umpire Camp

  •   4-hour in-person instructional camp.
  •   Learn the basics of umpiring.
  •   Select your camp during registration.


  • Level 1 & 2 umpire registration: $30.00.
  • Payment made to the Baseball Saskatchewan office.
  • Some local associations offer incentives or fee rebates; choose “My Minor Ball Association will pay” during registration if applicable. Be sure to check with them if they do prior to sending in your own e-Transfer to Baseball Sask
  • If you pay by e-Transfer and realize after the fact that your Minor Ball Association will pay, you will need to get your refund from them. Baseball Sask will not refund that due to the high amount of these requests we receive annually for not properly reading the payment options. We just won’t invoice the Minor Ball Club for this umpire as they have already paid Baseball Sask with the e-Transfer. 

Qualifications & Designations

  • Registered Official:Completion of Ramp registration, registration fee payment & the online learning will qualify you for the Baseball Saskatchewan season.  Making you eligible for regional baseball throughout the province.  Exhibition, League, and tournament play.
  • Certified Official:Completion of online learning and attendance at a 4-hour camp results in a “Fully Certified” designation. Making the official eligible for provincial play in addition to the above mentioned.


  • Progress through 2 years of Level 1 training and 3 years of Level 2.
  • Annual Online Umpire Learning Course and Umpire Camp attendance required.
  • After 5 years, eligible to become a Level 3 umpire.

Discretion and Exceptional Circumstances

  • While the program structure is in place to establish a strong foundation, there is room for discretion in certain situations. Adults entering the program with prior experience or a solid foundation in baseball or softball umpiring may not need to start at Level 1. In such cases, provincial umpire programs have the flexibility to determine an appropriate starting level.