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Registering for NCCP Clinics


Click here to take your Online Module

Click here to register and view clinic locations & dates 

PLEASE READ if you use Sasktel as your Internet Provider:

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Go to Settings > Wi-Fi.

Tap the ⓘ icon next to the Wi-Fi network that you want to change DNS servers for. Scroll down to find the DNS section and tap Configure DNS.

Tap Manual and add Google IP addresses: and

SaskTel does not have a list of all domains on internet and that’s why it can’t see Baseball Canada NCCP’s site. So by adding the and those add google domain servers to search for internet sites as a supplement to SaskTel’s very poor DNS’s.

Cost to Attend Clinics

Online Module – $37.45
Initiation Module – $30
Skills Analysis Module – $50
Planning Module – $50
Teaching & Learning Module – $50
Pitching & Catching Module – $50
Strategies Module – $50
Online Portfolio – $99

NOTE: Affiliate Members are given an additional 50% surcharge on all of the above costs

Scheduling NCCP Clinics

Contact either Nolan Bracken (Southern Sask) or Greg Brons (Northern Sask) to schedule your NCCP Clinics.

The cost for the host is $300 per clinic and the host is eligible to apply for a MAP Grant to cover up to 50% of clinic fees.

The host is also required to book a facility for the clinics and is responsible for any cost associated with booking the facility (school gym, classroom, etc.).

Local Minor Ball groups must contact Baseball Sask to schedule a clinic so that we can advertise all clinics to allow as many coaches as possible to attend.

Once dates and facility are confirmed registration for coaches for each clinic is posted on the Baseball Canada NCCP website.

ALL COACHES must register on the Baseball Canada NCCP website and complete the Initiation Coach online modules prior to attending a clinic.

The maximum number of registrations for each clinic is 20 coaches. If more registrations are needed the host will be responsible to book additional clinics dates and/or times.