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Faster, Stronger, Fitter…A Complete Guide for Baseball Conditioning for Players 16-19 Years of Age

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In-Season Program

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Rotator Cuff – Stage #1

Rotator Cuff – Stage #2

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Players in College Programs

Please click on the following link to view a list of players currently in College Programs, Players that have been Drafted and players who have played professionally who are from Saskatchewan:

2024 Sask Players in College Baseball Programs

Saskatchewan Athlete Assistance Program

Baseball Sask believes in the pursuit of excellence.  Through the Saskatchewan Athlete Assistance Program, SBA will be able to provide financial assistance to eligible baseball athletes.

The Saskatchewan Athlete Assistance Program will provide financial assistance to qualifying elite athletes to assist with their training and competitive costs while attending a Post-Secondary institution.

To be eligible you must have been a paid Active SBA member in this calendar year, you must have been a member of a past Western Canada Games Team, Baseball Canada Cup Team, Canada Games Team or Tournament 12 and you must be attending college/university.

Athlete applications are evaluated by Saskatchewan Baseball Association. Those that meet or exceed elite athlete criteria are then ranked.  Grant levels are based on a formula designed by the Coaching and Player Development Committee. deadline to apply is October 31st. An athlete can only receive Athlete Assistance funding for a maximum of 4 years in total.

NOTE: It is the athletes’ responsibility to verify with potential college programs that Athlete Assistance will not jeopardize any scholarship opportunities.

Athletic Assistance Application Form