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Provincial Championship Coaching Clinics

Baseball Coach and Player

Each year starting in 2016, Baseball Sask sends coaches to either the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) or the Toronto Blue Jays Coaching Clinic.

We implemented this program to allow coaches from across Saskatchewan the opportunity to develop their coaching skills and enhance their coaching philosophy.

Baseball Sask opens up the application process to all coaches involved in the Provincial Championships and a selection committee will choose the successful applicants to attend.

The following is the list of coaches that we have sent to these clinics:


ABCA in Nashville, TN we sent:

Ryan Hodgins (Regina)
Derek Murdoch (Swift Current)
Mark Marianchuk (Humboldt)
Matt Kosteniuk (Saskatoon)

Blue Jays Clinic in Toronto we sent:

Troy Casper (Regina)
Steve Klippenstein (Regina)


ABCA in Anaheim, CA we sent:

Blair Beck (Carnduff)
Nolan Bracken (Regina)
Chris Untereiner (Regina)
Chad Hofmann (Muenster)
Jordan Draeger (Saskatoon)
Dave Pero (Lashburn)


ABCA in Indianapolis, IN we sent:

Bert Kauf (Weyburn)
Chris Sastaunik (Regina)
Brett Walchuk (Moose Jaw)
Garret Korte (Muenster)
Mike Lindsay (Saskatoon)
Daniel Morari (Saskatoon)


ABCA in Dallas, TX we sent:

Cal Toffan (Regina)
Tony Black (Saskatoon)
Tyson Black (Saskatoon)
Nathan Bourassa (Saskatoon)
Aaron Bourassa (Saskatoon)
Marshall Dean (Saskatoon)


ABCA in Nashville, TN we sent:

Blaine Kovach (Estevan)
Bert Kauf (Weyburn)
Neil Hogg (Swift Current)
Michael Hunt (Moose Jaw)
Chad Hofmann (Muenster)
Melissa Meacham (Saskatoon)

As part of sending these coaches and covering their costs we ask them in turn to provide us with a coaching drill that they really liked and share it on this page to allow other coaches the opportunity to learn as well.

Please see below some of these drills:

Drill #1 – Two Plate BP – Submitted by Matt Kosteniuk

Drill #2 – Ring of Fire – Submitted by Derek Murdoch

Drill #3 – Catcher Drills – Submitted by Mark Marianchuk

Drill #4 – Catcher Progressions – Submitted by Chris Untereiner

Drill #5 – Catcher Primary Skills – Submitted by Jordan Draeger

Drill #6 – Infield Footwork Variation Training – Dave Pero

Drill #7 – Progression Drills for Power – Blair Beck

Drill #8 – Quality At Bats – Mental Approach to Hitting – Nolan Bracken

Drill #9 – Develop Hitters and Offence – Chad Hofmann

Drill #10 – Rotational Strength & Power Drills – Chris Sastaunik

Drill #11 – Box Underhand Drill – Bert Kauf

Drill #12 – Catchers Drill – Brett Walchuk

Drill #13 – Outfield Star Drill – Mike Lindsay

Drill #14 – Batting Practice Drill – Garret Korte

Drill #15 – Outfield Drills – Dan Morari

Drill #16 – Pitcher 2-Minute Drill – Marshall Dean

Drill #17 – Baseball Focus Drills – Cal Toffan

Drill #18 – Baserunning Drill – Nathan Bourassa

Drill #19 – Bullpen Drill – Tyson Black

Drill #20 – Program Culture – Michael Hunt

Drill #21 – Bunting with Brett Butler – Bert Kauf

Drill #22 – Chaos Drill – Chad Hofmann