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Membership Benefits

  • Health and Accident Insurance plan for SBA members.
  • Liability Insurance for SBA members.
  • An umbrella organization that is recognized by the Provincial Government, Sask Sport, Western Canada Baseball Association and Baseball Canada.
  • Access to development programs for players (Winterball, Rally Cap, Grand Slam, My First Pitch, RBI Approved)
  • Access to NCCP Coaching Clinics.
  • Access to National Umpire Clinics
  • Baseball resource material and other inventory that is carried by the Provincial Office.
  • Annual Awards that pay recognition to players, coaches, umpires and volunteers.
  • Opportunity for grant money for baseball projects.
  • The opportunity to compete in a recognized provincial championship, with the possibility of advancing and competing at a regional and/or national final.
  • Opportunity to host a Provincial, Western or Baseball Canada Championship. Bid to Host forms available from SBA Office.
  • Access to Athlete Assistance grants.
  • Travel Assistance if representing Sask Baseball at an post-provincial competition.
  • Consistency throughout Saskatchewan in the interpretation of rules governing the game.
  • Members receive access to the SBA Newsletter.
  • The SBA holds Annual General Meetings at which time members may voice their opinions and help set the direction of baseball in Saskatchewan.
  • A central office to assist in the administration of provincial programs, a contact for the baseball scene around and outside the province.


Membership Registration

All players, coaches, bat boys/girls, managers and league executives involved in organized baseball programs are to register with the SBA in order to be eligible for insurance as well as other membership benefits. The membership deadline is May 15  for all divisions excluding 22U and Senior. The Membership Deadline for Senior and Junior is June 19. NOTE: To register for provincials, membership must first be submitted and paid.

Membership fees for all players, coaches, managers, etc., will be $30/member.

NOTE: We will once again be using Online Registration through RAMP Interactive as well as still be allowing paper copies of Registration forms, however, if you do choose to use the paper forms there will be an additional $10 /member administration fee.

Online Registration

If you would like to use the Online Registration system register your team or Minor Ball Club,  contact Mike Ramage to receive a USERNAME and PASSWORD. These are not available for individual player registrations. If your Minor Ball Club has used Ramp in the past, you will use the same username and password.

In this message, you will need to include the following details so we can setup a Ramp account for you:

  • Name of Minor Ball Club of Team (If Senior)
  • Contact Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone #
  • E-mail address

2024 RAMP Online Registration Instructions

Ramp Online Registration