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Program Contribution Requirement for Umpires in the National Program


Umpires in the National Program receive additional opportunities, and hence it is their responsibility to give back to the program. We once had a mentorship program that was not successful, so instead of a punitive system, we want to introduce a positive system for tracking umpire accomplishments and contributions.


All Level 4 and 5 umpires are encouraged to obtain at least 20 program contribution credits. Contributions will be considered when making selections for national assignments. All submissions are to be in by September 30th of current year.


Below you will find certain standards for what certain contributions are worth. When you do something to contribute to our program or Baseball Saskatchewan, record the date, activity and number of credits earned. You will then enter them on this form (preferably as you go – don’t wait till September 29th to enter for the entire year.)

If you participate in an activity that you feel contributes but is not on the list below, please submit them with the number of credits you feel it is worth. The Provincial supervisor or designate will determine the value of the activity.

Umpire Reporting Form