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Sask Sport has been asked by the Federal Government to distribute the COVID-19 Emergency Support Funds to eligible Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO) in Saskatchewan.  This email confirms that Baseball Sask was eligible to receive support from the Government of Canada.

These funds are provided only to organizations that are able to attest that they or their members have faced or anticipate financial hardship due to COVID-19 and can establish a demonstrated need over and above core funding.

Eligible funds and expenditures will be considered for the period of April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.  Funds will be distributed to Minor Ball Clubs & Leagues (Minor Sport Organization – MSO) following the receipt of the attached Attestation Form.  PSOs/MSOs will be required to follow-up on the use of these funds.  However, should the Baseball Sask total funding amount approved for be distributed to our MSO’s prior to the March 31, 2021 deadline, there will most likely be no additional funds to follow.

NOTE: You cannot just claim a loss of revenue for funding. You must have actual expenses already paid with detailed receipts to back them up.

The following documents are attached:

1.     Covid-19 Emergency Support Fund for Minor Ball Sport Organizations / Leagues Attestation and Application – MSOs

         This attestation & application will need to be completed by the PSO/MSO on behalf of their organization including its members and submitted back to Baseball Sask who will then review and forward on to Sask Sport.

 2.   Public Acknowledgement of Financial Support

Recipients of these funds must recognize the Government of Canada for the support.  The attached document outlines the guidelines for recognition.

These funds will be eligible to apply for Minor Ball Clubs & Leagues in Saskatchewan that were members of Baseball Sask in 2020 and/or will  be in the 2021 baseball season.

For initial funding, we will provide a certain amount of dollars per member that you had registered with Baseball Sask in the 2019 season as the 2020 numbers are not very accurate. There is also a chance that you will receive a second round of funding if we have some of the funds remaining by mid-February 2021.

Individual members (players or coaches) must have an umbrella organization above them. Ex) Baseball Regina, Unity Minor Ball, etc.

The sooner you apply and are able to follow-up your application with receipts, the sooner Baseball Sask can forward your emergency funding from the Government of Canada.

Clubs will need to provide Baseball Sask with receipts, verifying the expenses that were covered with the Federal funds. Showing lost revenue is one consideration but many organizations will have corresponding lower levels of spending due to limited programming so must provide verification of how the funds were used. This can include receipts for equipment, staff payroll, facilities operating or rental costs or any number of Covid related expenses (marketing, signage, sanitizer, cleaning supplies, additional expenses for training in smaller groups, policy development with outside contractors, extra meeting expenses, zoom licenses etc.). Just as a reminder, the federal funds are not intended to be put into savings or banked to increase an organization’s net assets and cannot be used to pay for items that have already been paid for with MAP dollars.

If you have any questions regarding the Emergency Support Fund please contact Mike Ramage at

COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund for Baseball Sask Members Attenstation and Application

COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund for Baseball Sask Members Follow-Up

Public Acknowledgement of Financial Support


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