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Please be aware of the following Canadian Content rule changes implemented by Baseball Canada for the 2020 Season:

Canadian Content Rule Changes

• 5.07 (b) – Change to read – WARM UP PITCHES – When a new pitcher enters the game he/she shall receive 8 preparatory pitches, unless under emergency circumstances covered elsewhere in OBR. For each additional inning, he/she shall receive 5 preparatory pitches, the umpire has the discretion to extend this to 8 pitches under special circumstances, i.e. cold weather or extraordinary long inning. Both of these shall not exceed 90 seconds.


The between innings clock will be set at ninety (90) seconds.
Umpire will keep time with stopwatch.
The clock will be in effect for the entire game, including any extra innings.
It will be activated once the last out of the inning has been recorded.
The pitcher must complete and may not exceed 8 warm up pitches within the time.
The catcher will be instructed a throw to second base with 30 seconds left on the clock.
The batter must be entering the batter’s box as time expires or when instructed by the Home Plate Umpire.
The umpire will use discretion when the catcher is a runner or batter / hitter when the half inning ends.

• 6.01(i)(j) – CONTACT RULE – All penalties and enforcement guidelines regarding collisions at home plate and slides at bases apply as outlined in Rules 6.01(i) and Rules 6.01(j) of the Official Rules of Baseball. In addition, any offensive or defensive player who, in the umpire’s judgement, makes malicious contact with another player shall be ejected. Contact shall be considered malicious if, in the umpire’s judgement, it is the result of intentional excessive force or there is an intent to injure.


• 6.02 (3) If a pitcher meets the requirements to pitch on consecutive days and the pitcher does not go over the first daily threshold during game 1, they are permitted to have a 2nd appearance in the same calendar day. Pitchers will not be permitted to exceed the maximum daily allowable number of pitches in any two day period.

Pitchers cannot pitch in 3 games during a day.

Example: A 11U pitcher throws 20 pitches on Day 1. On Day 2, that pitcher is limited to 55 pitches. A 15U pitcher throws 25 pitches on Day 1. On Day 2, that pitcher is limited to 70 pitches. A 21U pitcher throws 45 pitches on Day 1. On Day 2, that pitcher is limited to 70 pitches.

Pitch Count – Addition:

(A) When a pitcher reaches the maximum number of pitches allowed for a threshold (see table above), he/she can complete the at-bat without the penalty on days of rest, as long as he/she does not pitch to another batter. In this situation, the number of pitches corresponding to the threshold reached will be indicated on the pitching log.

The coach or manager needs to acknowledge this to the umpire at this moment prior to the next pitch. Umpire would then notify the scorekeeper.

B) When the pitcher reaches the maximum number of pitches allowed (75, 85, 95, 105 and 115 pitches) during a day during a batters at-bat, he/she is allowed to complete the at-bat and must be replaced following that batter.

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