Membership Registration

All players, coaches, bat boys/girls, managers and league executives involved in organized baseball programs are to register with the SBA in order to be eligible for insurance as well as other membership benefits. The membership deadline is May 15 for all divisions excluding Junior and Senior. The Membership Deadline for Senior and Junior is June 19. NOTE: To register for provincials, membership must first be submitted and paid.

Membership fees for all players, coaches, managers, etc., will be $25/member.

NOTE: We will once again be using Online Registration through RAMP Interactive as well as still be allowing paper copies of Registration forms, however, if you do choose to use the paper forms there will be an additional $10 /member administration fee.

Online Registration

If you would like to use the Online Registration system contact Mike Ramage to receive a USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Ramp Online Registration

2020 RAMP Online Registration Setup