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“A Special Resolution for the consideration of the Members of the Association, at the Annual General Meeting to be held at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on October 19, 2019”

Bylaw Amendments:

WHEREAS THE ASSOCIATION is the Sport’s Governing Body for the game of Baseball in the Province of Saskatchewan;

AND WHEREAS there is an expectation by our Members as well as by those organizations and individuals who are affiliated with or do business with or provide funding from time to time to the Association,  that it is governed thoughtfully and effectively  in all of its circumstances;

AND WHEREAS the current Bylaws of the Association have been in effect for a number of years, with minor amendments from time to time as approved by the Membership;

AND WHEREAS the current Bylaws require clarity on certain topics of interest to the membership;

AND WHEREAS new Bylaws will serve to address  and resolve and provide timely and appropriate changes to how the Association carries on its business:


That the Association approve all or any one or more of the form of revised Bylaws of the Association, in the form annexed hereto and forming part hereof, to be read before and to be voted on by the Membership at the Annual General Meeting:

***Please refer to the following attached link detailing the proposed highlighted changes***

Baseball Sask Bylaws – PROPOSED CHANGES

Moved by: Ken Hamilton

Seconded by: Shaun Fraser

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