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We are collecting names for those that interested in registering this fall. I have also attached a registration form that you can fill out and sign to ensure you have a spot this fall. There are a lot of questions on what we will be allowed to do but we are planning as if it will be a normal year while we practice social distancing and follow government guidelines which may mean no inter-provincial travel. We have not made this registration open to all members of Baseball Sask yet, but I thought I would give people on this email the first opportunity.

Our academy focuses on developing baseball skills and athleticism to compete at a high level.  Our coaches and the strength/speed coaches at Ignite Strength do a great job with our athletes.  We will be putting added focus on playing more games due to the fact this year’s shortened summer schedule limited the amount of games played.

Interested players are encouraged to get in touch with their school in order to organize their academic schedule as players will need to have their 5th period off from school and some players may need to take an online summer class to do that.

Click on this promotional video – it will give you a sense on what we do to develop players. One of our pitchers – Kyle Froehlich’s velocity jumped from 81 mph in the fall to now throwing 86-88 mph.


Provide players elite baseball and strength training opportunities in order to maximize their potential in baseball. We want to prepare players to compete at the highest level in midget in Canada and cater to players wanting to pursue college baseball programs.  This program is ideal for players in grade 10-12 who are able to adjust their academic calendar in order to fit training during weekday afternoons.  We are proud to say we have had two past participants drafted by MLB teams – Logan Hofmann and Connor Sparks.  Last year head coach Ryan Carter of Colby CC in Kansas visited our program to scout Sask players as Kyle Froehlich signed a letter of intent to play Trojan Baseball.

Covid Pandemic

There are some questions regarding what this program will look like and how many athletes we will be accepting with the restrictions due to Covid.  We are planning as if it is a regular year and making necessary adjustments as the government allows.  There is a strong possibility of a limit of athletes and limited travel.


In semester 1 we will be outside at Leakos/Cairns field from Sept 3 – Oct 18th, Tuesdays, and Fridays. Mondays and Wednesdays will be a designated strength training day at Ignite Conditioning at the Gordie Howe Complex. On inclement weather days during this time period , the program will be moved indoors at Gordie Howe. Practice and training will begin at 2:30 and will conclude at 4:30.

We will also be scheduling games. We will know more about some possible travel tournaments later this summer but we are planning on playing most weekends from Sept – Oct.

Oct 19– Dec 20 the program will be indoors full time.  Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays will be strength and speed with Ignite along with baseball skills training. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be baseball only. We will begin at 2:30 and conclude at 4:15-4:30 each day.  There will be no training Nov 10,11,12,13 and 16th. Our last day before the Christmas break will be Dec 18th and our first day back after the break is Jan 4th, 2021. Our last day of the first semester will coincide with final exams for high school players. There will be a separate registration for the second semester. This link will give you highlight of some of the things we do each day –


Players are expected to work with their high school to organize their calendar to allow players to train during the above times.  Players that attend a Saskatoon Catholic school are eligible to achieve a special project credit by participating in the program by completing an approved self directed assignment through Cyberschool. Players in the public system are not eligible for a special project credit.


Last year we charged $2000 for a program that went from Sept – until final exams in January. This year we are not sure of the cost due to the fact we may not be able to travel. If there is no travel the costs will be less than $2000. In 2019 the fee covered the following:

  • Baseball Saskatchewan hat and workout wear
  • Ignite strength training
  • Rental vans for travel and hotel
  • Rental at Cairns/Leakos and Gordie Howe
  • Coach honorariums and expenses
  • Equipment costs, baseballs, exercise bands etc.

If you would like to register for the academy or if you have more questions please contact Greg Brons @ or (306) 220-6953

2020 Fall Academy Registration

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