Rally Cap Program

Baseball Sask and Baseball Canada are excited to announce the launch of the RALLY CAP PROGRAM Rally_Cap SMALL.png
for all active members of Baseball Sask.

The Rally Cap program is an entry level program designed to introduce children to the game of baseball, keeping them active and engaged, while learning the skills of the game in a fun, safe and informative atmosphere.

Rally Cap, while designed for the kids, is also a tremendous teaching tool for coaches just entering the game. A complete set of practice plans, along with drills and skill development ideas are built into this program.

The Rally Cap name comes not only the time tested baseball saying, but also from the progression component that will see each child afforded the opportunity to test their progress at least 3 times a season. Where actual baseball hats (Rally Cap) are awarded based on the level of accomplishment, much like martial arts belts are awarded.

Associations interested in offering this program are encouraged to visit the Baseball Canada site at www.baseball.ca for details.

Rally Cap orders are now being accepted. The hats are $3.50 plus tax each and each color comes in a minimum of 12.

Contact Nolan Bracken or (306) 780-9222 for further details.

How to Book a Rally Cap Clinic?

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