My First Pitch

My First PitchMy First Pitch is a program targeted at the development of pitchers entering the 11U division where pitching is introduced for first time. All players entering this division are exposed to mini-cam on pitching.

To request additional information or hard copies of program material contact Nolan Bracken.

My First Pitch Program Information

  • My First Pitch Program – Brochure
  • My First Pitch Program  – Poster

Coaches Manual

  • Teaching young  pitchers the stretch position vs full wind-up
  • Gripping the baseball
  • Set up on the mound
  • Beginning momentum towards home plate
  • Stride
  • Landing front foot
  • Releasing the baseball
  • Follow through
  • Coaching Points
  • Compare the youth pitcher and the professional

Drills to emphasize Good Pitching Mechanics for youth

  • Lift and thrust drill
  • Knee drill
  • Rock and fire drill
  • 3 “x” drill
  • Hit the hat drill
  • Japanese pitching drill or 18 strikes
  • Run and gun


  • Physical literacy warm-up: Age 7 and 8
  • Physical literacy warm-up: Age 9 and 10
  • Physical literacy warm-up: Age 11 and up

Structure Samples

Training Clinic

How to Book a My First Pitch Clinic?

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